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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters provide privacy and security. They also control light and noise and save energy. By insulating from heat and cold, Roller Shutters provide protection from Australia’s harsh elements of wind, rain, hail, and damaging UV rays. Our Roller Shutters are Australian made and come with a 5 year Guarantee and are perfect for both Domestic and Commercial applications. The benefits of our Roller Shutters range include:

  • 15°C Cooler in Summer
  • 10°C Warmer in Winter
  • Blocks out 100% of Light
  • 50%-60% Sound Reduction
  • High quality aluminium alloy construction
  • High quality double coat + lacquer abrasion resistant finish
  • Smooth, single & double lined grooved and curved face profiles
  • Foam filled profile for additional strength and silent operation
  • Heavier extrusions for commercial situations
  • Many colours to choose from
  • Can be manually operated or motorised
Applications include: -
  • Perfect solution for Domestic Windows & Doorways
  • Commercial Shop Fronts, Windows, Doorways, Counters Tops and Serveries
  • Garage Doors
  • Security for Sporting Complexes, School Canteens, Factories, Warehouses, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants & Café’s
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Blind Manufacturers' Association of Australia (BMAA)


42mm Single Line & Double Line

High quality aluminium alloy construction with a precision roll formed roller shutter profile, the 42mm Roller Shutter range is suitable for domestic windows & doorways, light commercial shop fronts & windows along with counter tops and serveries. Foam filled profile for additional strength & silent operation with a high quality painted finish. A roll tight design suitable for widths up to 3200mm and available in a wide range of colours with either a single line or double line on the profile.

55mm Widespan

With the addition of a heavy duty steel axle & high quality internal bearings the 55mm Roller Shutter range is not only a solution for widespan domestic windows, doors and garages, but also accommodates entry level security for commercial businesses such as shop fronts, factories, warehouses, restaurants, pubs and clubs. In a wide range of colours they are available in widths up to 4000mm.

36mm Extruded

High quality, strong aluminium alloy construction with a commercial grade double wall extruded profile for heavy duty strength, this range of Roller Shutters is perfect for commercial and industrial grade applications. Windows, shop fronts, doorways, garage doors, and high security for all businesses such as shopping centres, sporting facilities, warehouses, hotels etc. Available in many colours, featuring a double line groove & slight curved face profile up to widespan widths of 5000mm.