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Aluminium Awnings

Sunstate offer a massive range of Aluminium Awnings to suit everyone’s style and budget. Quite often a combination of our Aluminium Awnings can be used to provide the ultimate sun & weather protection system that you are looking for. Download our Aluminium Awning Products Brochure here.   Contact us today to arrange a free Design and Quote.

Blind Manufacturers' Association of Australia (BMAA)


Aluminium Awning Products

Quite often a combination of our Aluminium Awning products are the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

Download our Aluminium Awnings Products Brochure to view the range.


Montrose adjustable aluminium louvre awnings are the most effective awnings for heat control and sun protection.  Montrose can block out over 90% of the sun’s heat and you can simply open the panels to control the amount of light and also breeze.  The panels can also be opened fully to allow almost uninterrupted views, or you can close them for maximum protection and privacy.


Sunbreeze fixed louvre awnings provide total convenience, where the panels are angled to offer the best compromise between sun protection, cooling breezes and views.  There is a range of colours to match your exterior colour.


Sunline provides an extremely smart and modern privacy and barrier screen to exposed areas that require shade, privacy and security.  This is a zero maintenance system that can be powder coated to match your colours.


Claredale aluminium window hoods are a durable curved aluminium panel with the understructure finished in gloss white.  The Claredale is available in a range of colour combinations, side trim panels or closed sides to suit your specific design requirements.  Claredale reflects the natural light and is very low maintenance.


The Pacific is a horizontal aluminium awning suitable for small verandahs and patios as well as window hoods.  It is waterproof at 20° pitch with a click lock system and attractive understructure.  Available in a  wide range of modern and traditional colours to choose from to suit your colour scheme.   * Not guaranteed waterproof in extreme weather conditions.


Bahama is another horizontal aluminium awning solution for balconies, verandahs and small patios as well as window hoods.  Waterproof at 12° pitch, it has neat clean lines with an attractive understructure.    * Not guaranteed waterproof in extreme weather conditions.



Sunpacific is a stylish curved window hood with horizontal panels that has the versatility to adapt to your exterior décor.  It is available in flat or curved designs in a selection of over 100 powder coat colours.


Sunlantic is a brilliant combination of the Sunpacific hood with the Sunline privacy screen for maximum effect and protection.


Stafford all weather is the totally waterproof patio awning that is ideal for your exposed deck, patio or balcony.  The underpanel is finished in pearl white with very tidy lines and has a special clip locking panel system with no visible fixings.

Aluminium Awning Care Instructions

Caring for your Aluminium Awnings is important to the performance and longevity of your stylish new Awnings. Please download and print the attached brochure which has simple instructions to assist with caring for your Awnings. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.